Instructor: Grace La
With Cynthia Deng
A housing proposal for Downtown LA
Core IV | Spring 2018

The area of Downtown Los Angeles known as Skid Row is currently composed of two worlds operating simultaneously yet completely separately. The world of industry is manifest in the bow-trussed clear-span warehouse type, where light manufacturing and wholesale distribution takes place; the world of dwelling is embodied by multi-floor apartment buildings with facades that articulate interior partitioning into many units, supporting SROs, shelters, missions, and transitional housing.

This housing proposal seeks to engage both worlds, harnessing existing material flows and industrial ecologies to heighten the agency of housing itself, and to imagine contemporary forms of domesticity linked not only to consumption but also to production. To do so, we assert that the breaking down of post-consumption material and the redirecting of resultant flows of matter and capital constitute a form of production and value generation that can help sustain livelihoods.